Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How To Remove Holi Colours From Hair And Skin


You cannot wait to get washed in colours of Holi. However, the tedium of scrub them away after the fest can destroy all of the pleasure. That’s the reason why we have a few simple ideas as well as home cures for harm-free hair as well as skin after Holi

How To Remove Holi Colours From Hair And Skin
How To Remove Holi Colours From Hair And Skin

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Here are the best ways to remove the holi colours from skin and hair
1) Use a generous quantity of castor or olive-oil in your hair before you stage away from the home to play with colours. The layer of oil can not only shield your hair but the colours will even come off effortlessly.
2) Moisturise your-face, lips and dab plenty of body lotion to all uncovered portions of the body. This operates just like a protective layer and Holi colours are easily washed off.
3) To secure your nails from colour spots, paint them using a darkish nail colour. After Holi, take away the nail paint. Even men can apply the translucent nail paints that will slip off of the holi colours.
4) If somebody behaves mischievous and smears some unpleasant colour in your face, clean it off instantly with cold-water. This can prohibit them from staining your-face in vibrant patches that remain on for an annoyingly very long time.
5) For these who need to play Holi with dry Colours, use base to protect your skin from just about any harms.

Hair care After Holi :-Assuming that your own hair turns rough or you also suffer with hair thinning after Holi, follow these house remedies.

  • Make a simple hair pack by soaking a number of fenugreek seeds in four tablespoon of curd.
  • Apply this pack or an egg yolk in your scalp and clean your own hair with any softening shampoo after half an hour.
Skincare after Holi
  • Usually use cold-water to wash off colours.
  • Do not be excessively harsh in your skin or take regular baths and bathe your face on regular basis. This is able to make your epidermis dry.
  • Use some copra oil in your skin prior to your tub and lightly scrub off the colour.
  • Rub a couple of lemon wedges to spaces in your body with colour spot. This lightens the spot.
  • Moisturise your skin instantly following a tub bath.
Precautionary tips
  • It is almost impossible to avoid the holi colours but if anytime during holi your skin and scalp feel itchy then immediately wash off the colours gently with cold water.
  • Do not attempt to remove the holi colours by scrubbing with any harsh material as it will leave rashes on your skin instead taking off the holi colours.


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