Friday, 21 March 2014

Funny April Fools Jokes Great To Prank Your Friends


On April 1,  April fool's day we used share jokes, practical pranks to our friends. Here the collection of practical jokes and cards to share with your friends

It looks we are very near to April fools day and my ultimate aim is to share some practical jokes that you can play with your friends.

Here top list of april fool jokes to prank your friends.

1. You can do this prank with safe because this prank has some disadvantage too, do this prank with your friends with carefully. 

2. You can tell your employee you are fired for a while, after you can convince him that's for prank. But don't take too much time tell that's prank before he attempt suicide

3. You can simply message your friend that you are going to coffee with Katrina kaif so dont make people wait for long time, that's upcoming Tuesday april fool 2014.
4. You can send prank message that contains following words.
Im sending fool message ......... To My Best Fool Friend  :)

5.  Send I love you message to your girl friend, you can convince here or prank if she not accept. If she accept it Enjoy :)

6. Ask your colleague press F13 for fun.
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