Thursday, 27 March 2014

History Of April Fool's Day



April fool's day also called all fool's day celebrated in April 1 its not vacation season but people have fun with practical jokes, pranks, jokes, fun time. Peole hoaxes each other known as april fool's.

April fool's day celebrated in major countries like United states, India, France, itally, Belgium and more. This season is responsible of creation new year as January where people in some countries celebrated April 1 as new year.

Many writers specifies this is the reason behind day brings pranks and jokes on April 1. In addition april fool's day prank on 1957 BBC pulled prank called Swiss Spaghetti Harvest, its spread fake video that swiss farmers picking fresh grown Spaghetti and they declare this video as prank on the next day.

Few Other Prank's Day 

May 1 Denmark celebrating prank day called "maj-Kat" and sweden also celebrating may 1 as alternative joke day. Sweden disclosed prank fools says rhyme "april april you stupid herring i can fool you whatever you want" for april fool jokes and May 1 "may may 1 noon, I can fool you into Scania"

Also these countries celebrates april fool's day as well as may 1 joke day.

Distraction on this Explanation

Not having evidence on this day why its been changes like that only hypothesis that has been formed by speculating presents now and its created most recently. An another message is The Gregorian calender not been accepted until 1752 in England but April fool's day already present in there. 

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April Fool's Day Around The World 

Its observed preople doing prank on april fool's day with practical jokes, sms. people looking for persons who does not played any more with april fool day to prank them.


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