Saturday, 22 February 2014

April Fool's Day SMS Text Messages To Prank


Here we have collected to april fools day prank, funny short messages to send as text to your friend, girlfriend, and even your family members. Since, april fool day is prank time we are sharing some practical jokes and messages via text messages via phone and whatsapp messages also.

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Below messages to send in april fools day, dont forget to copy this messages and send it to your required person to make fool. 


This is a VIRUS . . .

When you turn your mobile off it WON'T WORK AGAIN 

Hey do you know one of the major trick to say to your girl friend is "I LOVE YOU " if she accept it OK, If not you can say APRIL FOOL'S DAY

Just close your eyes and think of yourself for 10 seconds.
Open your eyes. Now you will realize that U have wasted 10 seconds thinking of a fool.
Happy All Fools' Day!

God made daylight & it's called Sun;
God made entertainment & it's called Fun;
God made nightlight & it's called Moon;
God made you and it's called Cartoon.
Happy April Fool!

What is common b/w fools and smart persons?
Smart compose the message for fools to circulate.
Happy April Fool!

I am your girlfriend:

understand ?

In short I am your S.I.S.T.E.R. :p

Dear Miss BeautiFOOL,
U are so wonderFOOL, graceFOOL, playFOOL, powerFOOL and faithFOOL. Earlier U were really respectFOOL & had a colorFOOL nature. But off late, U have been painFOOL and not so peaceFOOL. I wish U were careFOOL & helpFOOL.

April Fool

Best SMS Of 1950s:
Was there a mobile phone at that time?
Use some common sense. U just start enjoying whatever is sent to U.
Happy April Fool!

NeeDS U..
Worries About U
Lonely Without U
Guess Who?
... THE ZOO ..

Some things are made for each other. For example:
Shoe & Socks;
Soap & Water;
Paper & Pen;
I & your girlfriend.
Happy April Fool!


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